For the desktop or component version:

  1. Enter the name, email, serial that was emailed to you when you bought the software.
  2. Click choose file and select the license.dat (or serverlicense.dat) file located in the Word Cleaner program folder.
    • Please note that you have to run Word Cleaner at least once to create the license file.
    • The license file is hardware specific so copy the file from the computer on which Word Cleaner will be installed and used.
  3. Tick your version of Word Cleaner.
  4. Click the Activate button.
  5. Then save the activated file we give you back to the Word Cleaner folder.
  6. You should now be successfully activated.

Please note that WC5/6 Server is now named WC7 Component.

For the API version:

  1. In order to create serverlicense.dat file for WC API you have to execute GenerateActivationFile("c:\some_folder") API method on your deployment machine.
  2. The process of getting API code is the same as above except you select WC7 API version and when you click Activate you will get an API code string. You have to copy and paste this code string into the Word Cleaner API object constructor in your code.

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